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Instant web3 wallets for your users

Email-based wallets that abstract away crypto entirely. Non-custodial and fully customizable.

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The best UX for web2 users.

    Email & social auth

    Wallets Auth Options

    Easily recoverable

    Wallets Account Recovery

    Gasless transactions

    Wallets Gasless Transactions

Fully customizable to fit your brand.

Fully white-labeled

Choose your fonts, colors, and logos to make users' wallets indistinguishable from your app.

Wallets White Labeled

Bring your own auth

Use your own auth so users don't have to authenticate twice. Or use our pre-built auth to launch more securely with 2FA.

Wallets Bring Own Auth

Custom transaction signing

Customize transaction signing with your own messaging or remove it entirely.

Wallets Custom Signing

SDKs that turn wallets into



1function App() {
2  return (
3    <PaperEmbeddedWalletProvider
4      appName="My Web3 App"
5      walletOptions={{
6        clientId: "992d8417-9cd1-443c-bae3-f9eac1d64767",
7        chain: "Polygon",
8      }}
9    >
10      <ConnectButton />
11    </PaperEmbeddedWalletProvider>
12  );

Non-custodial for ultimate security & compliance.

Your users' assets will never be compromised, even if you or we get hacked. Plus, you're not liable for any actions your users take.

All user wallets are non-custodial using Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Advanced configuration options available for cloud and self-hosting.

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